Quality Policy

The Directorate-General of SOLKLISER REFRIGERATION, S.L.U. company dedicated to the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, heating and industrial cooling, electrical, thermal and gas installations, through this document aims to establish the main guidelines of the company in order to:

  • It ensures continuous improvement of the service provided, always satisfying both the requirements requested by stakeholders as well as regulatory and / or legal that apply.
  • Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.
  • Our stakeholders perceive and appreciate our continuous improvement.
  • Achieve a high degree of loyalty of our stakeholders.

For this reference and having always the quality management system are established the following guidelines:

  • The Directorate-General Enterprise is committed to fulfill the Quality Policy, objectives and lead the development and implementation of the management system and always seek the path towards continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
  • The whole staff must comply with the provisions and procedures manuals, acting always thinking of the risk assessment.
  • Continuous contact with stakeholders to understand their needs and to adapt to them.
  • Increase the level of training of our staff that will result in greater personal satisfaction, improved working environment and an improvement in the provision of our services.
  • The organization uses the methodology of risk assessment processes to prevent any deviations or nonconformance management system quality.

The Directorate-General of SOLKLISER REFRIGERATION, S.L.U. supports this policy and is committed to maintain and extend to the general public the content of this policy.


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